Nautanki Saala & Commando

First day box office collection of Nautanki Saala & Commando : The two films released today , are as different as South Indian and north Indian cuisine!!! Well, not a very apt simile there but now you know how different the two films are. They tasted widely different. Both the films releasing today , on 12th April, received a good opening as expected in a vacation season. The film Commando was action packed while Nautanki saala Was a comic flick with the punch of a romance. Neither of them had a starry cast to pull the audience but the gone by records of the past indicate that the audience of bollywood now do not hesitate to watch a good story even if the star cast is modest. Nautanki saala is a low budget film  by ace director Rohan sippy. Low budgets are known in recent times to fill the pockets of the film makers. The film witnessed an average collection of 4 crore today which indicates that it received an average response. The response on the first day causes experts to predict a considerably good performance of the movie in the coming days. Nautanki has Ayushman Khurana , Kunal Roy kapoor and puja salvi in the lead. The music and the entire packaging is attractive. It caters to the taste of today’s audience who love such romance comedies with a considerable amount of sensuality to spice up.

Commando box office response has ample of action and power and is loud. The film had its audiences of its taste and was no less a winner for it raked in 3.5 crore on its first day. The difference between the collections of the two films are so negligible that it cannot be said which did better. Expert review says that nautanki saala has an edge over the other film because of its story content and packaging. nautanki saala is a better promoted film too. While Commando promises over the top action all through, nautanki saala is rather on the softer side having the elements of a perfect romance comedy. Nautanki is spiced with the masala and masti for the youngsters. The trade verdict is yet to be out over the fate of the two films. But Bollywood is definitely hopeful to have the money flowing in this weekend too.