Movie is depending on tale of 250million individuals developed as untouchables (and the current Dalits) in Hindu caste program and suffering from discomfort and captivity since starting. When aryans came to Local indian native with the objective of looting, they receptive the relaxation adoring people. Manu – Hindu expert – made guidelines on untouchables and banned them from studying, composing and enjoying sacred mantras. Citizens were handled less than individual, contaminated, dirty and were compelled to do main tasks.

In the film you will see, Shudra decreased water, (Dalits still battle for such rights) a Shudra kid’s nose sliced off for chanting mantras, (Dalits are still banned to get into many wats in India), a expecting Shudra females compelled to rest with higher caste individuals (Dalit females still are raped on Day to day foundation in India) and many more center in contact with conditions – the only law suit of theirs – they are developed untouchables.  Movie seems to be depending on actual activities, if not actual I bet, you might be familiar with such circumstances once in a while in your life-time. It is considered that features took age groups to create man out of creature, but it took minutes for certain men to create their other individual creature again. “Shudra – The Rising?” features the stage that wicked individual concepts can produce, to keep on to energy and supremacy.

Recently, the “Shudra – The Rising?” group has obtained analyzing Celebration party party invitation for “Shudra – The Rising?” from Southern east Oriental Movie Event which will take position Sept 13-17, 2012, in Calgary, and in the Fraser Place, English Southern the usa of america, North america and the usa of america.

My best desires to the team

I incredibly believe that films on group problems should be developed and given more focus. Sanjiv Jaiswal has selected an essential problem of caste elegance, which has damaged large numbers way of lifestyle and desires. After viewing movie movie trailer of movie, I can say that it’s a honest attempt by the group to put ahead the caravan of Dr Ambedkar. I wish the group a large success!

Shudra The Rising Cast & Crew:

  • Banner

  • Status

  • Completed
  • Release Date

  • 19 Oct 2012
  • Genre

  • Social
  • Producer

  • Sanjeev Jaiswal
  • Star Cast

  • Gauri Shankar…. Madhav
  • Shaji Chaudhary…. Thakur
  • Ganesh Pandit…. Kamleshwar Nath
  • Vijay Shukla…. Mishraji
  • Kirran Sharad…. Sandhli
  • Pravin Baby…. Charna
  • Shridhar Dubey…. Badri
  • Mahesh Balraj…. Bheru
  • Aaref Rajput…. Bala
  • Priya Annatram…. Rati
  • Shabaj Baweja…. Kartar Singh
  • Sattyam Chaunhan…. Pandit
  • Radha Srivastav…. Channa
  • Habib Aazmi…. Baba
  • Ashok Pathak…. Jagan
  • Sabri Khan…. Nanda
  • Amit Panchanan…. Panch
  • Sabita Singh…. Jugni
  • Anurag Mishra…. Yuva Neta
  • Anurag Shukla…. Raja Thakur
  • Story / Writers

  • Sanjeev Jaiswal
  • Background Music

  • Jaan Nissar Love
  • Costume Designers

  • Ex. Co Producers

  • Nitin Mishra
  • Meesum Abbas
  • Aditya Singh
  • Anil Jaiswal
  • Publicity Pro

  • Parul Chawla
  • Picture-N-Kraft
  • Censor Details:

  • Censor Dates

  • 27 Jun 2012
  • Reels

  • 13
  • Length in metres

  • 2826.42

Music Director

Jaan Nissar Love






Sanjeev Jaiswal


Tanveer Ghazi


Krishan Shukla


Pratik Deora


Noor Mani


Anwar Ali Kazi


Noor Mani


Sanjeev Jaiswal

Publicity Designers

Nitin Kapoor Kuldeep Singh

  • Sound

  • Sagar