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Viswaroopam (Vishwaroopam) is popular tollywood star Kamal Hassan’s latest big project that has been going on well at the box office. The movie is being considered in Native indian and offshore. Post the release, Viswaroopam movie views are being research by the cinegoers just for the details whether the movie is to be considered or not. Well, it is certainly an excellent idea to research the views first and then go watching a movie. Now the masses’ finish focus is on Viswaroopam box office choices (presented below).

The movie knowledgeable a ban before the release and as per the views, this ban led to around INR 30 crore decrease. The movie got disallowed in various locations such as Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerela, Karnataka and Malaysia. This became a issues for the film\’s organization.

As per the latest views, the ban in Tamilnadu has been brought up from the movie. The excellent assess in Tamilnadu has now brought up the ban on Kamal Hassam’s movie. Thus the movie is now expected to be released there.

The seven-day box office choices (domestic) for Kamal Hassan’s much-in-talks movie Viswaroopam (Vishwaroopam) are as under:

Domestic Collections:

First Day: INR 8.35 crore

Second Day: INR 9.10 crore

Third Day: INR 8.56 crore

Fourth Day: INR 6.23 crore

Fifth Day: INR 7.10 crore

Sixth Day: INR 7.65 crore

Seventh Day: INR 7.65 crore

Viswaroopam’s Tamil Version Collections:

3.43 crore

Reports on Viswaroopam’s Overseas Box Office will be update . Viswaroopam in Hindi is released today and we hope now Kaman Hassan overcome with all the disaster. the estimate earning of 1st February is 8 crores.. (not aprox ).


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